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How did you Celebrate your 2020 Quarantine Birthday?

How did you Celebrate your Quarantine Birthday? Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing well!          A very happy and special Birthday wishes for all who had or have their birthday during this quarantine or lockdown period. I've been talking to my friends who are rather bummed out about the low-key birthday celebrations this year 2020 , due to the coronavirus pandemic. I feel it's an opportunity to celebrate your special day in a unique and unforgettable manner, virtual birthday for the first time ever. So, how did you celebrate your 2020 quarantine birthday?         It's something so many of us will be facing on these bases – a birthday, big or small, spent without the family and all your besties. But, whilst our usual plans are on hold during the lockdown, it doesn't mean the fun has to stop altogether!         I'm not about to let a little lockdown stop me anyway! Here's my inside scoop on what I had in store, a virtual birthday, and a step-by-step guide to

Steamed Dumpling

Steamed Dumpling       Here's one of the special Indian dishes , a steamed dumpling which is a stuffed recipe made with rice flour. In India , it is prepared in a variety of ways and also known under various names.   However, depending on the region, it is also referred to as "ukadaiche kanuli" in Marathi, "vekavaipatta katapu" in Tamil, "kadubu" in Kannada, or "poornam kudumulu" in Telugu. This is one of the traditional dishes to be prepared especially on Naga Panchami .       Naga Panchami is broadly celebrated in India and a popular Hindu festival of Maharashtra, celebrated in the honor of the Hindu snake God, to offer prayers to serpents. This is also the first festival of Shravana month of the lunar calendar. In some places, as per the rituals, Hindus are not supposed to chop or fry anything on this particular day. Thus, the dishes prepared on this particular day will only be steamed or boiled.    

The Day of My Dream

“The Day of my Dream”        I still, remember  "T he Day of my Dream", the  first time I experienced and was participating in reality. Living the times of my dream totally involved, arranging, organizing, and running around with a lot of pressure and joy to see the achievement and after the effect of my dream.       Bangalore Fashion Week (BFW) , Asia's biggest fashion and lifestyle fair, is a bi-annual fashion event held in Bangalore, India. Established in 2009, the name follows the International practice of christening the fashion week event after the name of the city in which it is being held. Bangalore Fashion Week is a well-recognized platform for all the people in the fashion industry. Many well-known and established talents showcase their skills here. It also gives an opportunity for the upcoming talents to showcase their skills and expertise.                                                       Fashion is a very vast industry to dive in. There' a lot t

Intro Of Namrathaji

Intro Of Namratha Hello Wonderful People!             Welcome to the journey of my life! Here's a small intro of Namratha , to know me a little more;  I’m Namratha , a fashion designer cum digital creator from Bangalore, India. Being creative-minded, I have excelled in apparel and fashion design from NIFT and TNOU and also in advanced digital marketing courses from NIDM.        As a Founder of “Namratha” fashion couture  and experienced in the industry for many years, I have been designing costumes for Sandalwood movies  and celebrities.   "Aghora" is one of my first debut Kannada movies from Moksha films. I have also shared my designer outfits for famous Kannada serials like Kavyanjali, Manasa Sarovara, and many others.      I have designed for cultural Fashion Shows like Taj Mahotsav 2023 in Agara, where the program was inaugurated by SP Singh Baghel and former Minister of State Mr. Ramsakal Gurjar.  I was representing Karnataka's culture and was honored by rece